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Premium ankle surgery information by Michael Moharan? Get Plenty of Rest: It’s no denying that rest, specifically sleep, can kick-start your healing process and help the body heal quickly after having ankle surgery. First, sleep enables your brain to relax and recognize that certain body parts need healing. The brain releases various hormones to encourage tissue growth and repair. Second, sleep reduces your blood pressure, causing the rest of your body to relax. This will help to reduce inflammation and promote healing at the surgical site. See extra information on Dr. Michael Moharan Massachusetts.

Dr. Moharan is an foot & ankle surgeon who currently holds expertise in the treatment of foot and ankle trauma, reconstructive surgery for sports injuries, arthritis, diabetes, stroke and other neuromuscular conditions. Dr. Moharan is currently serving patients at his private practice in Norwood, Massachusetts. There, he offers high quality treatment for all acute conditions, as well as treatment for chronic issues, including both medical and surgical management for foot and ankle conditions.

As your foot continues to heal, we may clear you to begin re-introducing some no-impact or low-impact exercises to help get you moving again. We really cannot overstate this. Following your post-surgical care instructions is often just as important as the surgery itself in terms of both how quickly and how well you recover. Hopefully, this is your first (and last surgery). This is all new for you. Your doctors, though? They have conducted thousands of them. So trust us when we say that we’re not just making this stuff up! Our guidelines are meant to protect you and help you heal as fully, safely, and quickly as possible. So even though you may be tempted to “cheat”—especially if things seem to be going well—make sure you stick to the plan!

You’re going to need to eat: This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget to stock their pantry and refrigerator before surgery. Whatever else you’re dealing with, make sure you get to the grocery store one more time before your procedure. Try to have enough supplies on hand for two weeks. You may even want to consider preparing and freezing some meals so that it’s simple to have a delicious meal later, when you probably won’t feel much like cooking.

In 2006, Dr. Moharan earned multiple medical doctor degrees from New York College & abroad. Thereafter, he went on to complete his residency at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. Dr. Moharan also completed advanced training at Kennedy Health systems in New Jersey where he was awarded certifications in medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions. He has performed over 2000 successful surgeries of the foot and ankle , Dr. Moharan is considered an expert in the field of foot and ankle reconstructive surgery.