JustCBD CBD Ultra Relief Pain Cream Review

In this hand’s down CBD review, I’ll be reviewing the CBD Ultra
Relief Pain Creams
with different volumes of Cannabidiol.

Who would have thought creams would replace the traditional
medicines. CBD has become a norm when it comes to alternative caring, with a
primary aim of making you feel relaxed, less stressed, and provide you relief
from any pain or inflammation that you might have.

Lately, more and more people are moving towards other means
of pain relief. While medicines can provide you relief from pain, they also
have several side effects, leading to numerous complications. CBD Ultra Relief
Pain Cream is a great alternative to traditional medicines, with no harmful
side effects.

JustCBD Ultra Relief Pain cream comes in multiple forms,
including cream and gel. All you need to do is apply some cream or gel, on the
affected area, and poof, your pain would go away within a short period, which
is great, considering the fact that there are no side effects involved with it.

When it comes to CBD products, JustCBD is my personal favorite out of the
numerous other brands. I wasn’t surprised when I received the CBD Ultra Relief
Pain Cream, considering the wide range of CBD products that they have

With the winters already here, my hands were sore from the
cold they’re exposed to working all day, I had pain in my wrists for the most
part of the day. My sore hands are like a ball of energy that is trapped in
there and can’t get out. With only a single usage of the JustCBD Ultra Relief
Pain Cream, I already started noticing a difference. But, before I get into the
details, here’s a little something about the brand, JustCBD.

About the JustCBD Brand

JustCBD is more than just CBD, to be precise, it is the
future of Cannabidiol. Although there are other CBD brands in the market,
JustCBD has made a leap into the future by introducing numerous products,
backed by years worth of experience. JustCBD is your pathway to a controlled
dosage of CBD products, tested using different studies, with proven results.

JustCBD is well known for its quality products and significant
results that they can provide with the right amount of CBD, which will not only
put you at ease by lowering your stress levels, but also cure any pains or
inflammation that you might have. Now, you might have noticed that I used “the
right amount of CBD”, it is, in fact, right, the CBD in the ingredients is up
to the safest levels of CBD intake and will not get you high or whatsoever.

Each of the JustCBD products is produced with the highest
quality of ingredients, including CBD extracts from the US-grown hemp. If
you’re reading this, I understand you’re well interested in CBD products to
come all the way down to the about section of this article, based on that,
here’s a fun fact for you. To make sure everyone could use the CBD products,
JustCBD has avoided any sugar in the ingredients –thus making it safe for
diabetic people and other people who are on a strict diet. For its healthy and
versatile product offerings the brand has been featured in different
publications, including Max’s
, Las
Vegas Sun
, and Modern
Luxury Dallas

Besides, to make sure the products reach across the states,
the company itself reached out for an honest review, which shows how dedicated
they are towards the betterment of human health. Apologies for keeping you
waiting, without any further ado, let’s dive into the JustCBD Ultra Relief Pain

An Honest Review of The JustCBD Ultra Relief Pain Cream

In this honest review, I’ll be reviewing a total of 4 Just
CBD Ultra Relief Pain products, including gel, cream, and roll-ons. 

JustCBD Ultra Relief CBD Gel – 1000mg

JustCBD Ultra
Relief CBD Gel
is an ideal alternative to the traditional medications. It
is derived from natural sources of US-grown hemp. Packed with 1000 mg of
Cannabidiol, it can provide significant results when it comes to relieving pain
and inflammation. Honestly speaking, when I first used it, I started noticing
results almost instantly, and within a short period, my hand, which was once
sore, didn’t have pain anymore.

JustCBD Ultra Relief CBD Gel is primarily intended for pain
relief only, and you’ll find it out from having a look at the ingredients, just
like I did. To provide significant results, it doesn’t essentially rely on just
CBD. It also includes menthol, which is, of course, naturally derived just like
the CBD. To boost the pain relief process, it also includes rosemary oil, which
basically serves as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Moreover,
rosemary oil is effective against arthritis-related joint pain as well.

The usage is quite easy, apply some gel on the affected
areas, sit back, and let the CBD do its wonders, which is precisely what I did
and guess what, my arm didn’t hurt anymore. Although I didn’t quite believe it
at first, but, much to my surprise, it actually worked.

JustCBD Freeze Roll-On Pain Relief – 200 mg

JustCBD Roll-On Pain Relief is another pain relief cream
that I received for a review. Remember, I didn’t use these products on the same
day so that I could really get a fair idea of the product the next day. Similar
to the gel, this too is a combination of naturally derived CBD and menthol.
Menthol is primarily intended for a cooling sensation and to help relieve minor
aches. In contrast, CBD, of course, is intended to help alleviate muscle pain
up to a great extent. Here’s my favorite part of the roll-on, it comprises 200
mg of Cannabidiol in a 2 oz container, which easily fitted in my bag.

This roll-on was relatively easier to apply than the gel
since I used it directly from the container. In addition to it being easier to
use, it is comprised of over 90% plant-based ingredients, thus reducing the
side effects up to a great extent. Apart from my hand, I had a strain in my
lower back as well. This is where the roll-on came in handy due to its ease of
use. I have to say, It really helped with my lower back pain and alleviated the
pain within an hour.

JustCBD Freeze Roll-On Pain Relief – 350 mg

Comprising of natural ingredients, this roll-on pain relief
consists of 350 mg of Cannabidiol, 3.9% of Menthol, Water, Isopropyl Alcohol,
Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Carbomer, Ilex Paraguariensis, Leaf Extract,
Hydrated Silica, Aminomethyl Propanol, Methyl Paraben, Uncaria, Tomentosa
Extract, Boswella Serrata Extract, along with Camphor for scent.

This pain relief Roll-on is basically the same as the
previous product but with a stronger dose of Cannabidiol. Though I’m not a big
fan of menthol, its cooling sensation does make a difference when you have pain
or inflammation in your body. This roll-on really came in handy when I need
that quick relief from pain, precisely in office work when I started to feel a
slight pain in the lower back, and in sports as well. Honestly, I might end up
ordering another roll-on pain relief with 350 mg of Cannabidiol. It fits
perfectly in my bag and drastically improved my lower back pain from long-hours
of sitting in the same chair right after I applied it. 

CBD Infused Pain Cream – 100 mg

CBD Infused Pain cream features 100 mg of Cannabidiol in a
small bag-friendly 2 oz bottle. From what I observed, it is a must-try if you
haven’t used CBD for pain, before.

It is made with Hemp CBD Extract, Organic Aloe, Leaf Juice,
Organic Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Emulsifying Wax, Witch Hazel
Water, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Organic Hemp Seed Oil,
Rose Flower Water, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract, Organic Neem Seed Oil,
Organic Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate.

As you can tell from the ingredients, coconut oil, aloe,
witch hazel, and vitamin-E are primarily used to provide your skin with vital
nutrients to make it hydrated and soft. CBD works mostly by stretching your
skin layers and then reaching the core for its magical effects or pain relief. This
CBD Infused pain cream did not only relieve my pain but also improved my skin.
Moreover, this CBD pain relief cream is free from menthol because not everyone
is a fan of the cooling sensation. If you’re one of those people, it is a


To conclude this, I must say, I wasn’t expecting these to
work, but now that I’ve used them, I will be ordering more. The roll-ons are a
great pick if you want something to fit your bag and provide you with almost
instant results when it comes to pain in the lower back and tension in the
neck. Besides, the gel and cream products work the same way. If you’re not a
big fan of menthol, you need to try the CBD Infused Pain Cream.

Moreover, my favorite part of this review is that all of
these products are natural and organic, meaning they don’t really have any side
effects and are completely safe.

Other than these CBD pain relievers, I also tried making my
own CBD pain relief cream with the help of the instructions
given on JustCBD
website and it came out excellent. I’d highly recommend
you all to try it if you do not want to buy one.